Earth Day Art Model

Telematic Festival
April 22, 2023

About the Festival

Earth Day Art Model is an online, interactive, global telematic and media event held on International Earth Day. The free-admission festival highlights current artistic perspectives ranging from scientific observation to creative works of music and intermedia. Over 24 hours, on April 22, the festival will stream live/fixed performances and works by musicians, artists, writers, and others as they engage the natural world in artistic illumination and thoughtful discussion. This year’s festival theme, “The Local Earth”, will highlight expressions focused upon our awareness of the immediate world in which we live, work, and create. Last year’s festival was viewed by individuals from 40 countries, with artists and presenters from 22 countries across 5 continents.  Audiences enjoy online interactivity and communication throughout the event. For an example of the festival, please visit the archived 2022 Earth Day Art Model.

Earth Day Art Model is sponsored and presented by Deck 10 Media with additional support from the Donald Louis Tavel Arts Technology Research Center at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI.

Call for Works

Earth Day Art Model announces an open call for musicians, artists, scientists, writers, dancers, and others whose work highlights current Earth-related perspectives that range from scientific observation to creative works of music and intermedia. While all submissions addressing the natural world are welcome, this year’s festival theme, “The Local Earth”, invites expressions and commentary focused upon our understanding of, and creative response to, climate change, the Anthropocene, and other subjects pertaining to the natural world in the context of our personal surroundings and regions in which we live.

Deadline: December 15, 2022. Notifications of acceptance will occur throughout the fall of 2022 through January, 2023.


All submissions must include program notes with clear and obvious connection to the thematic goals of the festival. While any work dealing with the earth and its systems, or related illuminations, is eligible, the curators encourage works that address this year’s theme, “The Local Earth”. Potential participants are invited to consider, reflect and create content that gives treatment to this idea.

Time of works range from 1 - 20 minutes to larger spans: a half concert (25 minutes) or full concert (50 minutes). Discussion-oriented events will be in 25 or 50 minute segments.


Live Presentations: Telematic or otherwise media-enriched works of live electro acoustics, electronic music, acoustic chamber music, video improvisation, computer art, theater, and dance. While the primary system for live events will be Deck 10 Studio, the festival will make every effort to work with live performer’s alternative choices, such as Netty, Sonobus, JackTrip and Zoom, to name a few. Regardless of formatting, the festival will work closely with presenters on technical aspects of their work. A recent telematic performance using Deck 10 Studio is available here. The festival welcomes inquiries from potential live telematic performers.

Fixed Media: Fixed works of intermedia music/art, including fixed audio works. For both live and fixed works, the festival selection committee favors those possessing an intermedia-based context as opposed to video films of previous public concerts.

Discussion: Proposals for scientific and other environmentally pertinent presentations, panels, interviews and other discussion formats.

Participation Fee

  • There is no fee for submitting a proposal.
  • Presentations of 24 minutes and under from residents in the United States, Canada, and Europe: $25 USD. For other countries please inquire via email.
  • The fee structure is per event presented, regardless of the number of participants
  • Fees for participation in Earth Day Art Model help to defray the costs of production, technical support, streaming and other web-related expenses. Additional support is provided by Deck 10 Media and the Donald Louis Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center at IUPUI.






For questions,

Technical Information

The festival will be operated on the Deck 10 Intermedia system, created by the Tavel Lab to facilitate audience online interactivity with streaming HD-AV. The system is designed to accommodate the needs for arts-focused intermedia and virtual events, such as concerts, festivals, plays, and more. For more information, including the archive of last year’s Earth Day Art Model, please visit:

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